Packaged Supply
for distillers

Enhancing an existing distillery or creating a new facility from scratch is a detailed and complex process. It requires a combination of engineering expertise, innovation and the correct combination of systems to create a unique solution for each client.

Allen Associates understands this. The company does not believe in an off-the-shelf approach, but rather works closely with the client to develop a bespoke offer that will meet the distillery’s exact process plant requirements in the most cost efficient way, whether it’s a small CIP system or full distillery project.

Every product is unique and that requires a unique process and team to create it. Over the past three decades Allen Associates’ team of professional chemical engineers has worked with a select group of preferred suppliers to deliver over 100 bespoke industry compliant projects for distillers across the UK and overseas.

Systems and Services

From plant improvements and upgrades to completely new facilities, the Allen Associates team has the experience and technology to provide a specialist packaged system for each client.

  • Complete distillery & vat room packages
  • Mash house and fermentation systems (i-mash™)
  • Distillation systems
  • Yeast systems Cask filling and disgorging systems (i-cask™)
  • Tanker loading systems
  • Energy recovery/efficiency systems
  • Clean in Place (CIP) systems
  • Process heating/cooling systems
  • Product preparation & blending systems
  • Bottling supply systems

Some example of package supply solutions are:

  • Mallorca Gin - Distillery package supply
  • Balvenie - Mash tun CIP system
  • Highland park - CIP system
  • Bowmore - low wines & feints pre-heating system
  • John Dewar & Sons - various CIP systems and yeast plants
  • Macdufff - New boiler house
  • Glengoyne - Wash still CIP system
  • Balblair - still house automation including various plant upgrades
  • Glen Grant - Condenser heat recovery system
  • Aberfeldy - low wines & feints pre-heating system