Our Tartan

allen 25 tartan

What better way to celebrate 25 years of success than commemorating this milestone with our very own bespoke tartan.

We were keen that the new tartan be connected with the whisky industry in some way to reflect our heritage and involvement with the sector.

In our visits to many client sites there are certain sights, colours and smells that link them all. But it’s always been the distinctive copper stills which capture the imagination and being synonymous with Scotch whisky we started thinking if it might be possible to use a copper thread as part of the weave - making it officially the first tartan to do so.

Working closely with designers Glowfish Creative and Ken MacDonald at Houston Kiltmakers we determined that the overall theme of the tartan would be dark grey to reflect the dark rainclouds that deliver the water from which all whisky is born. Through this we have woven fine lines of the copper and amber threads to evoke the process of converting the water into the whisky we know and love.

The tartan has been made into kilts and a variety of accessories which will be worn at corporate events attended by Allen Associates and distributed at times to friends and clients alike to enjoy.

We are delighted to announce too that The Allen Associates Tartan has been added to the official Scottish Register of Tartans in Edinburgh - Tartan No. 12115.

allen 25 tartan kilts
allen 25 tartan fabric