New cooling for Silicon Carbide at Sandvik

When TUV became aware of Allen Associates process design and plant 3D layout expertise they asked the company to take responsibility for the process design and layout of their new medium water flow facility at the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL), East Kilbride, UK.

water flow facility tuv nel 1 

The Project

The new medium water facility at NEL was required to improve the site’s ability to calibrate various process instruments for industry.  The key design elements of the project were:

  • Process engineering design of water supply and pipework system.
  • Process design of the water temperature control (heating and cooling) system and the water microbiological control system.
  • Structural design of the supporting system for pipework and the weighbridge calibration systems consistent with specific requirements of stability and maintenance access.
  • 3D piping drawings for the test ring main, pump room, weighbridges and tank room.
  • Detailed drawings of a “fish-tail” diverter valve, change parts and reducers.

It was vital that the design conformed to best engineering practice to ensure that NEL was able to get the relevant accreditation for its new facility.  


The new medium flow facility was a great success.  The work carried out by Allen Associates was commended and as a result Allen Associates have been involved with further projects at NEL.