A match made in Hven
The complete service to help new entrants to market

Two of the distilling industry’s leading consultants have teamed up to provide a complete service that will help new entrants to the market get their own distillery or spirit handling system up and running quickly, efficiently and on budget.

The partnership between Allen Associates (HPE) and master blender Henric Molin from Spirit of Hven distillery, has been designed to assist craft distillers with their project from recipe creation and conceptual design through to commissioning and maturation.

Hven Distilling

Hven distilling Mash tun

The Project

Henric Molin has in-depth knowledge of the chemistry associated with the production and maturation of distilled spirits. Henric has worked with many craft as well as larger distillers to create unique recipes and a range of excellent spirit based products from Gin, Vodka and Aquavit to Calvados, Rum and of course, Whisky.

Allen Associates has worked with the majority of the world’s leading drink brands and has its fingerprints on over 100 of Scotland’s spirit production facilities – from malt distilleries to bottling plants. The consultancy’s expertise and experience in process design and process safety compliance in the spirits industry in Scotland is second to none.

Client Benefits

  • Recipes can be tested at Henric’s own distillery and processing plant to ensure that customers are 100% happy with the product before committing capital to a new facility
  • Clients can attend recipe trials – staying at the onsite five star hotel - to observe the process and gain an understanding of the operation
  • Access to Hven’s state-of-the-art laboratory, complete with gas chromatographer – mass spectrometer (GC-MS) to help fine tune the recipe and flavour characterises of the spirit.
  • Ongoing QA services once the client’s plant is up and running
  • For mature spirit Henric can also provide a maturation plan and make the lab available for maturation analysis
  • Full plant design and cost plans tailor made by Allen Associates to ensure the right plant is designed for the client and for the budgeted amount.
  • One to one consultancy to discuss spirit sales volume, operating plans and design details to ensure plant designed to correct production capacity for now and the future.
  • Full consultation throughout the detailed design, implementation and commissioning stages of your new spirit facility, be it a distillery or bottling plant

hven distilling QA


Henric and Allen Associates have already shown the benefits of their unique partnership through a recent project with a well known craft distiller in Ireland.

Henric worked closely with them to create the recipe for their signature Gin, before liaising closely with Allen Associates to help design and commission a mashing and fermentation plant (iMash) that would help them expand their operations and produce their own malt whisky.

For more information on Henric Molin and Hven Distillery: www.hven.com